Creative Director

Design + Naming Samples


Madison Reed

As Creative Director at Madison Reed (a better for you hair color startup) I shaped the design language as well as the actual language for the brand and its extensions. Most notably, categorizing the 40+ shades of hair color into a strategic system based on the customer’s feelings and emotions from using it. The names and logos activate attributes of the formulation as well as convey emotional insights around use case scenario.

Sample of Names:
Heightened Gray Coverage — Knockouts
Knockout stubborn grays with the collection of color from Madison Reed.
Brightest Blonde Shades — Bombshells
Take your blonde to new heights with 4 shades designed specifically to lift blondes like never before.
The Core Collection of Color — Classics
Ditch the trends for timeless beauty with our 30 shade core collection.



Rougette, an international cheese maker, had a bold idea for one of their first brand extensions dedicated to the US market: a lines of cheeses just for grilling. We provided naming and logo design, as well as practical applications of these elements on things like t-shirts, aprons, and packaging.


Mister Madison

After years developing the perfect hair color dedicated to women, Madison Reed toyed with the idea of bringing that same quality experience to the underserved men’s market. I explored various names, designs and moods as a part of the pitch to create this product line. The challenge was large: the final name and design had to live on its own but sister with the master brand.


Additional Samples