Brian Powers


Brian Powers

Cora isn’t going to ‘empower’ your period. They’ve got a real job to do — to make the world a better place for womankind. With 100% organic tampons and thoughtfully designed pads — they make powerful products for powerful bodies. And with every Cora purchase, a girl in a developing nation gains access to education, changing not only her life, but the futures and lives of us all.


Through various exercises, we worked together to hone in on the Cora core customer and developed a brand that would resonate with her — a modern, informed woman who actually cares about the products she chooses to use. Based on stakeholder goals and customer needs, I developed brand strategy, market position, brand essence — all compiled into a guide. 


In 2018, Cora will expand from tampons, to a full suite of products, we call female body care, to support women while they experience the awesome power of their bodies. I designed the packaging family approach to be minimal, clean and elegant, inspired by the women who follow the brand. 


In additional to guidelines and packaging, I also updated the look and feel of the website,, to reflect the new look and tone.