Jim Beam

Live up to the name

Jim Beam is America’s largest bourbon distiller and a family operated brand. But becoming a giant came at a cost. They were losing touch with bourbon drinkers and being overshadowed by trendy small-batch brands.

So, we pitched an unforgettable campaign leveraging the brand’s unapologetic voice that would scale globally, to redefine what it means to drink Jim Beam Bourbon today. 



Design inspired by the Beam's iconic label and headlines that read like the bourbon tastes.

Concept Videos

*Concept video pieced together with found footage

*Concept video pieced together with found footage

VR Experience

With a smart phone and our limited edition packaging, bourbon lovers could virtually travel to the Jim Beam distillery and be a part of distilling one of their boldest batches yet. An innovative way to launch new Jim Beam Black.