BP  Stations

The Little Things

The brief from BP was deceivingly simple: get drivers to actively chose a BP Station when fueling. Of course we couldn’t control price or placement of the stations - so we had to think a little bigger… or smaller. 

Enter the little things; they make all the difference. We used this platform to give drivers a reason to chose BP - by illustrating the ways the BP experience is a little better. A little more rewarding. And takes you a little further in life.



*Concept video pieced together with found footage 


Nobody is brand loyal when it comes to their gas station. Just think about the last time you filled up your tank. You probably chose the station based on convenience or price. Definitely not brand. This app gave drivers a rewarding reason to keep filling up. Just check into a BP Station to earn miles. The more you earn the more you save.

Check into BP Stations to earn miles. The more you earn, the more you save.

Out of Home

I created an alphabet made up of tiny icons representing all the little things BP does differently. Each letter was painstakingly created by hand to give the advertising an artisan feel. 


How’d this campaign do? One little error made made a huge mess (the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010) and the "little things” was pulled in record time.

If only they reacted so quickly in first place.